The wellbeing and safety of all children in our care, will always be our priority.
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At Imagine, we believe that childhood should be enjoyed. Our Kindergarten/Preschool Program places a strong emphasis on play as an important context for learning. 

Children learn through play, and through spontaneous and planned learning experiences and interactions. Our play-based curriculum allows children to explore ideas, make connections, solve problems, and engage with others in a social setting.

Play-based learning in a natural environment promotes wonder and curiosity, and allows for the natural pursuit of open ended creativity. It encourages children to nurture and protect our natural world, and to understand the importance of this for future generations.   

Through our Kindergarten/Preschool Program, children are equipped with the skills needed to further their onward learning journey with a successful transition to a formal school environment.

Our Kindergarten/Preschool Program is tailored to individual children’s development, to allow all children to feel a sense of success and accomplishment. We embrace our connections with our families and our local community as the foundation for our Kindergarten/Preschool Program design.

Our Kindergarten/Preschool Environment

Our Kindergarten/Preschool environment is designed to enable children to explore their own individual interests. Engaging indoor and outdoor environments provide areas for active play, messy play, wet play, and creative play, and also include dedicated spaces for quiet time.

Our Kindergarten/Preschool Teachers

Our Bachelor qualified Kindergarten/Preschool Teachers are dedicated to your child’s unique learning journey. They create a caring and nurturing classroom environment, where all children feel a sense of belonging, success, and accomplishment.

Our Kindergarten/Preschool Teachers adopt a stimulating play-based approach to their curriculum delivery, encouraging children to explore, be creative, and use their imaginations. They aim to foster a life-long love of learning in your child, whilst preparing them for a successful transition to a formal schooling environment.